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Austin James was born in Putnam, Connecticut in 1967. Austin relocated to Houston, Texas with his family in 1973. He began his art career in 1994 as a poet. Austin started painting in 1996 and he began exhibiting as a professional artist in 1997. His formal art education is a Master of Fine Arts from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Austin believes that art is energy. Each human being has his or her own unique form of energy. An artist is capable of translating this energy into art. Austin’s pieces focus on color and motion. “It is the beating heart that stops to rest on a canvas, leaves an imprint and then continues on the journey.” Austin believes his heart is an artist’s heart. The primary compositional components of Austin’s work are layers of paint and mixed media coupled with gestural movements on canvas. “The joy is the process of traveling with art from inception to completion.” For Austin, there is no mistake in art...... “There is something beyond an artist that exists in each piece.” Austin works in oil, acrylic, charcoal and encaustic. Austin’s work can be found throughout the world with concentrations of collectors in France and the US.