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In 2003 Australian-born painter and sculptor Scosha Woolridge hopped onto an illegal cargo boat venturing down the Amazon River, observing where salt and fresh waters merged, the pink fresh water dolphins cruising the exotic waters, and the lands that would eventually lead her north to America.

Woolridge discovered her affinity for the craft of jewelry during years of world travel. Fascinated by how people, objects and places are connected, and what connects them kinetically and energetically, Woolridge began to explore what determines the dynamic through symmetry, harmony, conflict or tension between points of contact.

In hindsight, the Scosha concept was born in 2000 from a vivid memory of a very young girl she met at an orphanage she was visiting in India. In poorer areas throughout the world, children's ears are pierced via needle and thread, where the thread stays until the ear has healed. The beautiful girl had hot pink threads passed through her earlobes and there, dangling from the loop of cotton, was a tiny gold bead. It was this use of textile being attached to the body, and combining it with a traditionally precious material, that struck Woolridge as the perfect balance. "If I couldn't take her with me, I wanted to take her ears and put them in my backpack. Unfortunately, neither of these two options came to fruition," says Woolridge.
From there, Woolridge learned ancient weaving methods while living by trade in India, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil. It was while selling her designs at a night-market in the sand dunes of Northern Brazil that Woolridge was convinced by a friend to try out life in New York City. So, she flew up and stayed with a family she had met years before in Mexico who opened their home.

New York's fast pace instantly resonated with her. After years of searching for her place, Woolridge knew she found something right. It wasn't before long that in 2007, following a whirlwind of experiences, she launched her eponymous jewelry line in Brooklyn.

Growing rapidly by her third year, Woolridge's tiny studio could no longer accommodate production or client visits. The perfect little building in Williamsburg became available in July 2010 and Woolridge set up shop. In December of that same year, the Scosha flagship store opened to form a unique hybrid space alongside the atelier and offices. All Scosha pieces are intricate works of art and are designed, meticulously crafted, sold, and shipped from under one roof. Ancient techniques are still used in the Scosha atelier to fuse metals and gems within her timeless women’s and men’s collections.

Today, Scosha is interwoven throughout the globe, shipped to international customers everywhere, carried in over 125 stores across 4 continents, and has won the hearts of top fashion editors, stylists, models, and celebrities through the brand's authentic point of view and commitment to environmental, social and personal awareness.
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SCOSHA Infinity Necklace
Our Price: $195.00
SCOSHA "It's Only Between You & Me" engraved tag necklace in Oxidized Sterling Silver on 24" Oxidized Sterling Silver chain. Unisex white brass Starburst bracelet with stainless steel chain This unisex necklace makes a subtle statement that is just plain awesome.

22" Oxidized sterling silver chain with sterling silver infinity clasp.
SCOSHA hunter green, stone macrame wax nylon bracelet with stainless steel chains and sterling silver hook closure. 7.5"L and unisex! Fits medium to large wrist. SCOSHA orange, stone macrame wax nylon bracelet with stainless steel chains and sterling silver hook closure. 7.5"L and unisex! Fits medium to large wrist.