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The work of Munich based jeweller Klaus Lohmeyer can be found at some of the most acclaimed boutiques worldwide. The jewellery, all hand made from materials such as silver and leather, is often defined by a refined roughness and solid build. Born and raised in the Bavarian capital, Lohmeyer studied jewellery design in a highly acclaimed German art school with a strong foundation in craftsmanship. After working in the field for a few years, he returned to finish his diploma, becoming a master craftsman – the highest level of distinction a gold and silversmith can reach. The first Werkstatt:München collection was presented in 1998, followed by annual presentations in Paris and Munich.

Like the name suggests, everything is produced exclusively in the Munich workshop, the Werkstatt, which was opened at a new location in 2007. The initial catalyst for the line of work was simple: Lohmeyer being unable to find masculine jewellery to his liking. His pieces are counteracting the recent perception that embellishment is something intrinsically feminine whereas in all cultures throughout history men have worn jewellery as symbols of power, to denote wealth and status or as lucky charms. . But the main reason is and always has been his joy in practising the art of making jewellery. His rings, bracelets and pendants all share a distinguishably heavy look and a certain rebellious edge.

Werkstatt:München pieces are self explanatory, a handsome simplicity achieved through the use of strong symbols or through clarity and the careful balance of design proportions. The influence of natural elements can be seen in various parts of his work, with silver taking the shape of earthy materials or animals, and the constant use of leather. The aesthetic has changed gradually over time but at the same familiar elements are still present, for example the use of skulls. In his work he has since delved further into exploring the canon of symbolism in classical tattoo vocabulary, the elementary forms found in nature, which poses as an endless source of inspiration. The connection between jewellery and fashion is a natural one, too. Werkstatt:München has been notably present at some of the leading avant garde fashion retailers worldwide, among them Atelier New York and L’Eclaireur in Paris. The fact that virtually all pieces are designed to be timeless and to serve a person’s aspiration to wear beautiful and handsome pieces which help to express a personal taste, style and character, and a general desire for qualitative jewellery which could compliment and hold its own next to fashionable clothing, makes Werkstatt:München so popular with concept stores and designers worldwide.

Aesthetically, the pieces do indeed compliment the more edgy and avant garde fashion, which is why many boutiques are carrying the line and why designers such as Ann Demeulemeester have chosen to work with the Werkstatt when designing and producing the jewellery for her collection. The small team of Werkstatt:München has worked together for a long time, forging the sense of trust and understanding needed to achieve to desired working methods and such results.

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